Smart Loyalty

Smart Loyalty allows automobile dealerships and independent auto repair centers to quickly setup and easily manage a full-fledged customer loyalty program. It’s the only loyalty platform designed specifically for the automotive industry which doesn’t give you the hassles of handling physical cards or coupons. Customers can instantly sign-up, earn and redeem points, check their balance via a mobile app. Apart from using this platform to reward customers for purchases, exchanges, auto repairs, insurance/warranty renewals, it also allows you to perform analytics on your customer behavior, spend and redemption patterns.


Quick Setup

Setting up a loyalty program was never so easy. No physical cards or coupons, everything is managed digitally.

Easy to manage

Rewards or Redemption is very easy to process. Customer activity upload takes care of everything with no manual work.

Rewards Engine

Configure your custom rewards program depending on your requirements. Very flexible yet robust.


Easy to integrate with any other external systems you use. Integrated with Smart Toolkit by default.                   


If something isn’t working in the way you want, let us know and we shall customize it to suit your requirements.

Customer Retention

Decrease customer churn and experience increased customer satisfaction with this simple yet effective system.


Analyze customer behavior, find trends, identify area of opportunities and many more with easy to use analytics platform.


Use the newly created channel as a marketing tool. Send personalized messages to bring them in for their next purchase.