In today’s online world it is becoming more and more tough to increase your store footfall. Tackle this by generating virtual footfall. Allow your prospective customers to explore your used car inventory on his mobile phone and persuade them to walk-in, book a test drive, request for quote etc… using iExplore. It also acts like a mobile CRM and allows your sales personnel to setup alerts/reminders and automatically schedule follow-up calls to prospective customers. Never let a prospective customer be taken away by your competition due to manual errors or delays in follow-up’s. Convert every possible lead into a customer.


Increase Footfall

Setting up virtual showrooms enable you to gain increased footfall. An ideal solution to tackle decreasing footfall.

Boost Sales

Sales are directly proportional to customers footfall. Virtual showroom get you more leads. More leads equals more sales.


Analyze customer behavior, find trends, identify area of opportunities and many more with easy to use analytics platform.

Test Drive Request

Allow customers to request for test drives. Send confirmations and related information.                                

Quote Request

Allow customers to request for quotations and respond back to them via the same channel.


Create and run marketing campaigns for all virtual footfall customers and promote inventory.