How We Operate

take a general look at the process that we use.

We have teams of analysts, designers & developers who are crazy about building great solutions. They become your partner, deeply understand your business and work side-by-side with your team from project conception to successful implementation.

SIA uses agile development process that helps streamline design & development, and provides rapid results to meet your business needs. We let you feel what’s being developed for you by doing working demos and video screen casts to show progress every day. Quality check is a part of every step in the development process. A combination of manual and automated testing systems and continuous retrospection drives our QA. Over 100 enterprise-grade solutions developed and delivered, our team has built tools and processes that result in solutions that deliver seamless user experience. We understand that solutions need to be scalable and be easily maintained with growing business objectives.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
Project planning is crucial to the success of the Project. Careful planning and proper documentation of the requirements right from the beginning of the project can help to avoid costly mistakes. It provides an assurance that the project execution will accomplish its goals on schedule and within budget. Project Planning spans across various aspects of the project such as process of estimating, scheduling and assigning the projects resources in order to deliver an end product with desired quality. We at SIA, carefully examine and work around each of the phases such as Scope, Quality, Time & Effort, Costs, Risk, Schedule, performance, change and rollout to ensure that a quality product is delivered on time, in budget.

The basic idea here is to provide a visual feel of the solution being developed for the client even before it is actually developed. It helps both the parties to be on the same page and bring the gaps in requirements gathering or design to as minimalistic as possible. It eliminates the chances of freezing improperly understood or documented requirements. Interactions with prototype provide a chance of making improvements in the system being developed or address functional, user experience gaps. Prototyping is an attractive idea especially for complicated and large systems for which there is no manual process or existing system to help determining the requirements.

When you build software, you want to start with the right foundation. Every software technology has strengths, weaknesses, history, and culture. Wise choices will help make your project successful; Poor choices will tend to cause difficulties. We help the client to understand the pros and cons of various available technologies in the market, help them choose one and deploy expert developers of that technology to build the application.

You can’t consider a software application development to be complete unless it is tested thoroughly and is certified for use in real world conditions. This process of identifying the correctness, completeness, and quality of developed computer software is very crucial and can be detrimental if proper attention is not paid to it. We at SIA, ensure that certified testers dig deep into the application and find the issues to be best extent possible and hand it over to the implementation team.

You might have your application designed and developed very carefully but unless someone helps you in implementing it properly, you won’t be able to use it. A systematic and structured approach is required to effectively integrate the developed software into the workflow of your organization. We help you prepare the right approach, provide you enough training on how to use the system, create product or application manuals for self help purposes if required so that you can use it without problem.