Provide exceptional customer experience to your beloved customers with easy to
implement, fully customizable and highly cost-effective Customer Experience
Management (CEM) solution.


We’ll help you Bridge Gaps in the customer experience with technology and insight.

Delighted customers bring in the real growth. Not only will you gain trust, they’ll spend more and promote you. They will be happy to come back and also bring along their friends and family. Unhappy customers defect as soon as possible; worse, they bad-mouth you and drive away business. To estimate how you’ll fare tomorrow, you need to know how your customers feel about you today.

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a concept that primarily focuses of how a company interacts with its customers, what it learns in each interaction and how that feedback is used. CEM is about viewing and then improving the interactions between your business and your customer entirely from the customers’ perspective — and across the entire journey they have with your business.

Why do this? Well, to be in business!!! To build customer loyalty and positive word of mouth; and to reduce customer churn and detractors who speak negatively about your business.


Everything you need to delight your customers.


Customer will come back to you only if he feels that dealing with you is convenient. Implement the best possible solutions so that customer feels like doing business with you again. With the help of smart toolkit bring everything to one place.


Easy, Personalized & Effective

Stop using the old fashioned, inefficient and costly alert procedures. Notify your customers in the most appealing way using smart toolkit just when it’s needed without fail. Define your own notification rules and have complete control on what needs to be communicated with your beloved customers.
Notification Types

  • Service due
  • Insurance due
  • Warranty due
  • Pollution due
  • Feedback due
  • Offers
  • Coupons
  • Personalized wishes

Book Service

Make it simple & effective

Scheduling appointments over the phone have become passé. Your customers no more have time to patiently wait and book service appointments over the phone nor you can waste your valuable resources to do such a simple job. Allow your customers to schedule and manage service appointments in a ziffy via the smart toolkit. It not just confirms appointment to customers but also assigns the job to one of your employee based on his work schedule and other business logics. After the assignment is done, notify your service advisor about the new appointment and also notify the manager about this appointment.

Track Status

Is my vehicle done yet?

“Is my vehicle done yet?” Never answer this question again. Service track feature allows your customers to exactly know the status of their car without making any calls to your dealership. It also allows your employees to send approval requests, record responses and notify customers about delays or issues in the service and they get to do it right from the service bay.


Make it easy

Payment systems across the world are changing drastically. Mobile payments via smart toolkit are the most convenient and secure you can think of. Be ahead of competition and allow your customers to enjoy this convenience of making any payment to your dealership with this smart pay feature. Be fully assured that transactions will be secure and your customers will love transact with your again.


Actionable Insights

Customer feedback is paramount because it provides you with insights that be used to improve your business but it’s not always easy to capture the right feedback and convert the insights to actions. You need to first find an effective way of capturing feedback from customers and create a work flow to act on it. Smart toolkit does this all by allowing you to easily request, capture, share, escalate and act on customer’s voice. You can use this feature to setup and run any type of feedback campaign you can think of.


Engage your customers

Build long lasting customer relationship and turn your customers into your brand ambassadors by rewarding loyal customers. Smart toolkit is equipped with easy to plug in Smart Loyalty platform which helps you setup and run reward programs effectively.

  • Quick to start
  • Cost effective
  • Business intelligence
  • Rules and Rewards engine

Smart Marketing

No more meaningless notifications

Marketing is the key to reinforce your position in this over crowded market and running these marketing campaigns effectively makes all the difference. Smart toolkit allows you to create campaigns very easily and schedule them to run depending on your business need. This will surely be your dealerships most effective marketing channel at almost ZERO cost.Below marketing techniques will help your business do things

  • Location based marketing (LBM)
  • Behavior based marketing



Integrate with XTIME, DMS and more

Having siloed applications can create a lot of challenges to the business such as Wasted Employee Productivity, Lack of real-time visibility, process inefficiency and so on. Having such systems in place is of no practical use. You do not have to face such challenges with SMART TOOLKIT as our implementation engineers will closely work with you to ensure that all required integrations happen perfectly to give the maximum advantage of our platform.

Quick Customer Support

Quick, Efficient & Reliable

Bad or delayed customer support can be detrimental to your and our business as well. Being the provider of CEM (Customer Experience Management) solutions ourselves, we clearly understand the need of quick and effective customer support. You can expect to receive quick, efficient & reliable customer support where ever you are or whatever is the time of the day. Every ticket raised will have a response within 8 hours. Bugs and Implementation issues have more quicker turnaround times.

Frequent upgrades

Free & Automatic

The modern business world is characterized by rapidly changing technology and If you don’t keep up with it, you will surely be lost somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Updating oneself with new technologies has huge advantage of identifying new opportunities and tapping them but this isn’t so easy. So leave the worry of upgrading to latest technologies to us and you focus on your core business. Every year you would receive multiple upgrades of the app at almost zero or minimal cost.